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PJW provides education, training, resources, and support for California attorneys representing clients seeking parole, as well as education for attorneys and victim advocates who engage with victims/survivors who participate in the parole hearing process.


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State-Appointed Panel Attorney Education

PJW has developed comprehensive training materials and practice-friendly resources to support attorneys to provide high quality representation to parole clients. Attorney trainings are mandatory for all active state-appointed Panel Attorneys contracted with the California Board of Parole Hearings, and they are available upon request to any attorney in California with a regular parole practice.

PJW has a library of more than 20 hours of interactive video trainings for attorneys, covering all aspects of California parole practice.


Administrative Information

Legal Overview

Structured Decisionmaking Framework

Parole Hearing Timeline


Parole Eligibility Dates

Structure of a Parole Hearing

Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Parole Representation

American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and DECS

The Hearing Record

How to Read the C-File

The Confidential File

Client-Generated Materials

Youth Offender Parole (YOP) and Franklin

Other Types of Parole Hearings (Elderly/IPV/Medical)

290 Cases

Understanding and Presenting Trauma

Culture of Men’s Institutions

Culture of Women’s Institutions

Representing Transgender Clients

Rehabilitative Programming and Self-Help

Reentry and Post-Release Plans

Client Preparation and Case Strategy

Comprehensive Risk Assessments (CRAs)

Understanding and Responding to the CRA

Language Barriers and Working with Interpreters

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Requiring ADA Accommodations

Mental Health and MHSDS

Plausibility: Navigating Factual Innocence and Material Discrepancy

Attorney Representation at Hearings

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PJW also maintains a databank of attorney resources and bilingual parole preparation materials for their clients.

PJW is proud to foster a robust and collaborative community of parole attorneys through live MCLE trainings, sponsored speakers, attorney mentorship, and virtual roundtable discussions where parole attorneys support each other, learn from each other, and enhance their parole practices to best serve their clients.

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District Attorney Education

PJW conducts live webinars for District Attorney’s Offices and Victim Services Units that engage with victims/survivors who are interested in participating in the parole hearing process.  PJW’s goal is to provide a comprehensive, yet practice-ready, overview of applicable law and the options available to victims/survivors, as well as the testimonies of victims/survivors about their experience in the process.

For questions or to request a webinar, please email info@parolejustice.org.


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