Information About the Parole Hearing Process

Learn who has parole hearings, what happens at parole hearings, and how the Board makes parole decisions.


What is parole?

Learn what "parole" means and where parole comes from.

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Who will have a parole hearing?

Learn who is eligible for parole hearings, and how parole eligibility can change.

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When will the parole hearing happen?

Learn when parole hearings happen in certain cases.

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How does the Board make parole decisions?

Learn the purpose of parole hearings, what the Board considers, and how the Board makes the decision to grant or deny parole.

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What happens at a parole hearing?

Learn who is present at parole hearings, what happens during a hearing, and what topics are discussed and why.

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What happens after a parole hearing?

Learn how parole hearing decisions are reviewed and finalized, how victims/survivors can participate in that process, and what happens after parole decisions become final.

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California Parole Hearing Process Handbook

The Board has created a comprehensive, in-depth handbook covering all aspects of the parole hearing process.

The Handbook is available through the Board’s website here.