Share Your Story

We welcome any victim/survivor to share their story with us if that opportunity feels helpful to them.


How to Share a Video for the PJW Website

Basic Text

PJW wants to create a space for victims/survivors to share their experiences in the California parole hearing process with PJW and this community. Victims/survivors deserve to be heard. PJW is working to create a safe forum to share experiences, to lift up and learn from each other, and to honor victims/survivors and their loved ones. No one should feel alone in their experience.  

If it feels helpful and supportive to you, please share your story with us by recording a short video and sending it to us for possible inclusion on our website. Your video may share whatever feels right to you. This may include your experience in the parole hearing process, thoughts about participating in the process, thoughts about your loved ones, or advice for other victims/survivors.

Any video you share will not be used by PJW in any way other than to potentially post it on the website.

Please note: 

  • Sending us a video means you consent to us posting the video on our website, where it will be available to the public. 
  • Decide what you want to share. We will not include your full name on the website. But any details you share in the video (name, personal information, or details of your case) will be public if the video is posted.  
  • You can change your mind at any time: 
    • If, at any point, you don’t want your video on the website, email us at info@parolejustice.org
    • We will promptly take the video off the website (if applicable) and delete the video file from our records. 
    • Your email must clearly state your name and what you are asking us to do. 
    • We will confirm via email when the video has been removed from the website. 
  • We cannot guarantee your video will be put on the website. We will review the content we receive to ensure it is consistent with the purposes of the website, and we will put up as many videos as we can, but we will not put up every video we receive. 


Please follow the instructions below for creating a video and sharing it with us.  

  1. Please sign this release form to give us permission to publicly share your video on www.parolejustice.org. 
  2. Please keep your video to 2 minutes maximum. 
  3. Please film yourself using the horizontal (or landscape) orientation. 
  4. Please do NOT use the incarcerated person’s full name or CDCR number in your video. 
  5. Please do NOT film yourself in a way that includes any other person, unless that person also completes the release form above. 
  6. Please be sure to write the file name of your video on the release form. (For example, if your video is saved as “Heidi.mov,” make sure to write “Heidi.mov” in the “name of your video” section of the release form.)
  7. After clicking “Submit” on the release form a window will open for you to upload your video.