Inside Prison Education & Resources

As part of its mission to support all participants in the parole process, PJW provides education and resources to incarcerated people who are eligible for release through the parole process.

Basic Text

PJW provides educational resources for people inside on the legal standards for parole, their rights in the process, and preparation for a parole hearing. Our materials emphasize the central and fundamental reality of a parole suitability determination: that people who continue to pose a safety risk to our communities will not be granted parole and that genuine rehabilitation is required for release on parole.

Our materials encourage people inside to pursue an authentic path of rehabilitation:

  • To develop accountability for past choices and actions.
  • To understand and address factors that contributed to criminal choices.
  • To process and heal from past trauma.
  • To meaningfully engage with victim/survivor harm to cultivate a deeper understanding of the impact of criminal choices, genuine remorse, and a commitment to living amends.
  • To build a realistic and sustainable path to a healthy, prosocial lifestyle upon release.

We provide our resources through educational videos available in California prisons, as well as a detailed written workbook.