Attorney Portal

ONCE PORTAL IS SET UP, NAVIGATION BAR WILL LINK DIRECTLY TO THAT LOGIN PAGE. that page should have text that points non-registered folks back to the info page where they can learn more:  https://parolejustice.org/attorney-trainings-resources/

Basic Text


Welcome to the PJW Attorney Training Curriculum — a series of 30 video trainings on all aspects of parole representation. State-appointed Panel Attorneys are required to complete the entire curriculum under their contract with the Board of Parole Hearings (BPH).  The curriculum is available to all parole attorneys registered with PJW, and each individual training is eligible for MCLE credit.  

For your convenience, we provide two different options for viewing the Attorney Training Curriculum — a “test” option and a “reference” option.  Both versions allow for adjustment of playback speed.

  • “Test” version: Please view the “test” version of a training if you would like MCLE credit and/or if you are required to complete the training and need to certify completion with BPH. The “test” version of each training includes dynamic training questions at appear at regular intervals that the viewer must answer correctly to proceed.  Once a question appears, the viewer has 90 seconds to answer the question before it times out and forces the viewer to rewatch the preceding section of the training.
  • “Reference” version: Please view the “reference” version of a training to browse freely without interruption. You will NOT receive MCLE credit, or certify completion with BPH, if you view the “reference” version of a training. 

A note about MCLE credit:  Each individual training qualifies for MCLE credit. However, we can only provide Certificates of Attendance for a minimum of .5 hours. If you complete a training that is less than .5 hours long, and you desire MCLE credit, you must complete an additional training to receive a combined certificate of at least .5 hours total.